Jawed Karim Net Worth: The Story of a YouTube Co-Founder

Jawed Karim Net Worth

Jawed Karim is a name that is synonymous with the creation of YouTube, one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. As one of the co-founders of the website, Karim has played a pivotal role in shaping the way we consume and share video content online. But what is Jawed Karim’s net worth, and how did he achieve such success? In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and career of Jawed Karim, exploring his background, his involvement with YouTube, and his current net worth.

Early Life and Education

Jawed Karim was born in Merseburg, East Germany, in 1979. His family later moved to West Germany before immigrating to the United States when Karim was a teenager. Karim attended Central High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he excelled academically. He went on to study computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he met his future YouTube co-founders, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.

The Creation of YouTube

In 2005, Karim, Chen, and Hurley founded YouTube, a website that allowed users to upload and share video content with others. The idea for the website came about after the three friends struggled to find a video online of Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. They realized that there was no easy way for people to share videos online, and thus, YouTube was born.

The website quickly gained popularity, with millions of users uploading and sharing videos on the platform. In 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion, making Karim, Chen, and Hurley instant millionaires.

Life After YouTube

After the sale of YouTube, Karim remained involved with the company for a short time before moving on to other ventures. He co-founded Youniversity Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in startups, and worked as an advisor to several tech companies, including Airbnb and Eventbrite.

Karim has largely stayed out of the public eye since his departure from YouTube, preferring to focus on his work behind the scenes. However, he did make a brief appearance in 2017 when he uploaded a video to his personal YouTube channel titled “Me at the zoo.” The video, which was uploaded in 2005 and is widely regarded as the first video ever uploaded to YouTube, features Karim standing in front of elephants at the San Diego Zoo.

Jawed Karim’s Net Worth

So, what is Jawed Karim’s net worth? While he may not be as well-known as some of his fellow tech billionaires, Karim is still incredibly wealthy. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Karim’s net worth is estimated to be around $140 million.

While much of Karim’s wealth comes from his involvement with YouTube, he has also made money through his investments in other startups. Youniversity Ventures has invested in several successful companies, including Dropbox, Airbnb, and Reddit.


Jawed Karim may not be a household name like some of his fellow tech billionaires, but his contributions to the world of online video cannot be overstated. As one of the co-founders of YouTube, Karim helped to revolutionize the way we consume and share video content online. Today, he is a successful investor and entrepreneur, with a net worth of around $140 million. While he may not be as visible as some of his peers, Jawed Karim’s impact on the tech industry will be felt for years to come.

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